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Heat Pads

Heating Pad in Pakistan

Heat therapy is known to offer pain relief. That is not us claiming it but history writes heat therapy to date back to thousands of years. This is all the way to early civilizations and the Roman Empire. In the modern day, this practice has now become tech-smart.

What Does a Heating Pad Do?

Heat pads are the go-to choice for managing pain and relaxing muscles. Giving heat to your body is scientifically proven to help your body. Heating pads can provide relief to a targeted area by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. This promotes healing and minimizing pain. A heating pad both for immediate relief and a support in long-term recoveries.

This is not all, studies have shown heat pads for heat therapy to help with:

  • Muscle relaxation for arthritis
  • Eases the area and lowers pain signals to the brain
  • PMS and monthly menstrual cramps
  • Aids life-long pain management for medical conditions
  • Soreness and tension headaches
  • Lower back pain

Being a brand that wants you to have the solution to everything, we wanted to bring you a wide range of heating pads. Beurer Pakistan aims make your pain go away with soft and multi-setting features. All while we make it more accessible to you.

Heating Pad Price in Pakistan

The heating pad price in Pakistan lowest is Rs. 7,800 to highest of Rs. 20,000. All the comfort you need is at your fingertips with Beurer Pakistan range of smart products. Each of the heating pad is a variation with different purposes and attachments to target specific body areas. Whether you have shoulder pain or need lower back comfort, you can find a heating pad for to relieve that. Beurer brings up cutting-edge technology and the plushiest comfort for you to enjoy the warmth like a hug.

Heating pad machine price in Pakistan is as follows:

  • HK 44 Heating Pad in Hot Water Bottle Design and 3 Heat Settings for Rs. 8,000
  • HK 123 Limited Edition XXL Breathable, Cuddly Fleece Heat Pad with 3 Heat Setting for 8000
  • HK 49 Heat Pad for Stomach and Back with Practical Fastener for Rs. 12,000
  • HK 58 Heat Pad for Neck and Back with Attachment for Rs. 13,000
  • HK 54 Cozy Heating Pad for Shoulder and Neck for Rs. 14,000
  • HK 114 Fleecy XXL Heat Pad with Removable Cover and 6 Heat Setting for Rs. 11,500

Why Beurer?

Your pain and our support go hand in hand. As a health and well-being brand, it is important for us that you know your body and take care of it. This is why our goal is to make things simple for you. Our HK series comes with super soft comfort and cozy warmth a button away. Beurer brings a wide range of heating pads in Pakistan. With different sizes, designs, and features, we ensure to cater to everyone's need. Our range is wider than heating pads. You can streamline your life in other areas with Beurer Pakistan. Find ease in your active routine, breast pump, baby Steam Steriliser, electric Lice Comb, beurer stretching mat, sleep mask pakistan, Electric Blanket, Hair Removal Machine and other wellness areas with Beurer . You can expect reliability and excellence all the way.