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Breathe Easy Beurer Nebulizer Machine in Pakistan

Over 15 million children and 7.5 million adults in Pakistan struggle with asthma. The dire air pollution situation creates a severe need for effective nebulizers. Recognizing this issue, Beurer Pakistan committed to providing effective Nebulizer. Beurer nebulizers guarantee both quality and safety while treating respiratory conditions. To help breathe easy, Beurer is here to help support your well-being. That is why we aim to manufacture top-of-the-line nebulizers for you.

What Do Nebulizer Do?

A nebulizer is a tool designed to maintain the health of your lungs. The device helps conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and other breathing problems. It delivers medication straight to your lungs in the form of fine mist.

Nebulizers are vital to Pakistan. Our population faces respiratory diseases like COPD, bronchitis, and asthma. Post-COVID, there is proof of increase in respiratory diseases. On top of that, air pollution is making things worse for those with existing conditions. People with asthma or COPD struggle with triggered symptoms due to bad air quality. Nebulizers offer a practical way to remedy these issues. The device reduces symptoms, improves breathing, and provides benefits to your lungs.

Beurer nebulizers are ideal for treating lungs diseases. These devices are not recommended to healthy individuals.

Nebulizer Machine Price in Pakistan

The Lowest Price of Nebulizer Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 9000 to highest of Rs. 25000. Beurer Pakistan brings a range of tech-smart products to make your life easy. Each nebulizer machine is a variation, with different accessories, functions, and sizes. The one with the highest price is the most technologically updated. However, all models are made with your convenience in mind and are efficiently built.

Nebulizer machine price in Pakistan is as follows:

  • IH 18 Inhalation Device with Compressed-Air Technology is for Rs. 8500
  • IH 55 Handy Nebuliser with Self-cleaning Function is for Rs. 23,500
  • IH 58 Children's Travel-friendly Nebuliser is for Rs. 16,000
  • IH 60 Small Nebuliser with Compressed-Air Technology is for Rs. 21,000

How Does a Nebulizer Machine Work?

You may wonder if a nebulizer is the same as an inhaler, but it is not. A nebulizer machine is faster and more effective because it goes straight to the source. Nebulizer use liquid medication. This liquid turns into a mist using compressed air or sound wave vibration. You use a mouthpiece, nosepiece, or mask to inhale the mist and target the treatment to your lungs.

Types of Beurer Nebulizer Machines

There are two types of smart nebulizer machines. An ultrasonic nebuliser uses sound waves to break up medication into mist. The other type is mesh nebulisers. These use vibrating mesh to create the mist. Beurer Nebulizer have both technologies available for you.

Beurer offers a range of nebulisers designed to address various respiratory needs. The IH 18 model is equipped with compressed air. It treats both upper and lower airway conditions. The IH 55 is suitable for colds, asthma, and other severe lungs illnesses. It comes with essential accessories and offers easy disinfection.

With children in mind, we tailored IH 58 for infants and young children. It features a small giraffe accessory for ease of use during self-treatment at home. This Nebulizer has ultra-quiet operation and easy disinfection, making it perfect for babies.

If you need something more compact and lightweight then the IH 60 is your solution. This model is for those who are on the move. It works on battery for fast respiratory relief and has silent operation for you to use anywhere.

Why Beurer?

Our goal is simple. Taking care of your health should not be a complicated. This is why we have decades old commitment to bring easy to use products for you. We understand navigating health can feel overwhelming. Especially when, there's no time to follow complex instructions. Our mission is to empower you to leave a healthier, happier life. We do this by simplifying processes that fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Our comprehensive range of beauty, baby care, medical, active, and wellbeing products are made to bring harmony into your days. From blood pressure monitors to therapeutic devices, Beurer covers it all. Begin with Beurer to take charge of your wellness.