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Navigate Health with Precision At-Home: Find the Best Blood Pressure Machine Price in Pakistan

Did you know? Around 19 million to 76 million people in Pakistan are subject to blood pressure issues in Pakistan. With this, monitoring your blood pressure at home regularly is critical to keep track of your health. Thank God for technology because now we can monitor our health at home and ease. If that is what you are doing here, then finding the best blood pressure machine price in Pakistan is your next step.

Blood Pressure Machine Price in Pakistan

The lowest price of blood pressure machine price in Pakistan is Rs. 3000 to highest of Rs. 40,000. You will find that price has a huge difference because of the variations in types of machines. There are upper arm, wrist, or finger machines. However, the upper arm blood pressure machines are more expensive than wrist or finger ones. Why? Because upper arm blood pressure machines are the most accurate in terms of reliable results.

There are also different features. Some blood pressure machines have memory, display, voice control, Bluetooth, or arrhythmia detection. So, blood pressure machine price in Pakistan will vary according to what you choose.

Best Blood Pressure Machine Price in Pakistan

The best blood pressure machine price in Pakistan is starting from lowest Rs. 5000 to highest Rs. 32,000. Beurer blood pressure machines are one of the most reliable and budget-friendly options for anyone who wants healthcare at home. Here are top four best blood pressure machine prices in Pakistan at Beurer:

  • Wrist blood pressure monitor BC 28 for Rs. 5000

BC28 is a fully automatic blood pressure machine for the wrist. It also measures the pulse and provides an average of all saved values from the past week. This series comes with a risk indicator, arrhythmia detection, and an incorrect usage message. BC28 automatically switches off, in case forgotten. And includes 2 AAA batteries for you to switch when the previous ones die.

  • Bluetooth wrist blood pressure monitor BC 87 for Rs. 13000

Experience smooth health monitoring with BC87, which is another automatic wrist blood pressure machine. This one measures your blood pressure and pulse with precision, all from you wrist. BC87 is convenient because it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to transfer and keep track of your blood pressure on the Beurer HealthManager app. It also saves all measured values and specifically monitors your morning and evening readings over the past week. The integrated risk indicator, featuring LEDs, keeps you informed of potential concerns.

  • Cardio blood pressure monitor with ECG function BM 96 for Rs. 32,000

The Cardio Monitor features an ECG function. This fully automatic series goes beyond basics to give you a detailed health overview. You can record your hearts rhythm, which offers further insight on your cardio health. The convenience extends further with a PC interface, USB cable, and the HealthManager software included for you to manage your data smoothly. All advanced features are included with the most user-friendly design for anyone in your family to use on their own.

  • Cuff type BPM with Adopter BM 28 AD for Rs. 10,500

Beurer's BM28 AD4 includes automatic functionality as well. This comfortable cuff design comes with an adapter to ensure continuous power supply and no battery exchanges. It also includes memory spaces to record your blood pressure management and to stay informed on any health concerns. The risk indicator LED points out any time your health is at risk.

Why Beurer?

Beurer is one of the best brands for blood pressure machines in Pakistan. Beurer is all about healthy living and aligns its products with high quality, accuracy, and convenience. Beurer has been working in the health and well-being sector since 1919.

Beurer blood pressure machines fulfill European Society of Hypertension (ESH) guidelines and have excellent clinical qualities. The British Hypertension Society (BHS) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have also authorized blood pressure machines.

There are two kinds of Beurer blood pressure machines: upper arm and wrist. They have a variety of technologies and features, including heartbeat detection, a sleeping indicator, and memory storage. Beurer blood pressure devices work with the Beurer HealthManager Pro or HealthCoach software, which enables you to monitor and control blood pressure readings on mobiles.