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MG 180

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Massage gun for targeted massage of the muscles with 6 attachments

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The MG 180 muscle massager from Beurer contributes to activation and regeneration through targeted muscle massage. 6 massage attachments enable tailored use. Its ergonomic shape and comfortable handle make it easy to use.
Weight : 1.6kg (Approx.)
SKU : PH-MG-102-00102

MG 180 Technical Details

Product designation Muscle massager
Battery Lithium-ion battery
Battery life approx. 3 hours
Number of massage attachments 6
Product weight ca. 1052 g
Product dimensions (L x W x H) 17.5 x 7 x 24 cm
Warranty Three months main unit. mishandling, consumables, damage due to power fluctuations (use stabliser or surge protection) are not cover in warranty. Keep invoice save, it's must to claim warranty.
EAN 4211125644239
Item number 64423

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