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The PostureControl posture trainer

PC 100

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Back trainer with gentle vibration signal helps to prevent back problems

Rs. 15,000
Turn your back on back problems! The Beurer PC 100 PostureControl posture trainer is easily attached to clothing and sends a gentle vibration signal if you have sat in one position for too long. This allows you to sit more actively and dynamically; don't give back pain a chance.
Weight : 0.5kg (Approx.)
SKU : PH-PC-094-00094

PC 100 Technical Details

Product designation Posture trainer
Connect yes
Output in watts 0,5
Technology Vibration signal
CE yes
Warranty Three months main unit. mishandling, consumables, damage due to power fluctuations (use stabliser or surge protection) are not cover in warranty. Keep invoice save, it's must to claim warranty.
EAN 4211125639501
Item number 63950

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